Federal Government Threatens to Sack Striking Doctors


The residents doctors embark on national strike after the government announced to increase there allowance with hazard and death.

With the Directive of the federal government to chief medical directors of health institutions across the country to open attendance registers for resident doctors.

Osagie Ehanire, minister of health, disclosed this after the meeting

According to the Minister for health

“One day, you will be sitting where we are sitting; you will be going through the same thing we are going through; it is a circle of life,” the minister said.

“In other countries, we have seen retired doctors and workers come out of retirement. Nigeria is the first country in the world where health workers went on strike during a pandemic.

“We at the ministry of health are ready to protect the lives of Nigerians, we are not going to allow our hospitals to fallow.

“The government has an obligation to support and keep the health every Nigerians.

“The resident doctors have told us that they are not returning to work very soon until certain conditions are met and they cannot keep extending the goal post any time they like.

“Those who report to work will be taken as those who are still in service and the register will be closed at 12 noon and by then we will know who want to still be in service.”

Aliyu Sokomba, NARD president, stated the strike will be call off if government can provide a tangible decision

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