May D Joins DMW

A one time Nigerian popular hip hop artiste; Akinmayokun Awodumila aka ‘May D’ has joined the DMW, David Adeleke aka Davido record label, after some grudges with Peter Okoye.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, May D made this announcement on his Twitter page.


He added that he is excited to meet his new family, although he didn’t state the nature of the deal.

May D have expressed how poorly he was treated when under P-Square and Northside Entertainment, which Okoye had run while doubling as a manager to the defunct group.

“When I speak, people think I’m ungrateful, but the truth will always come out one way or the other last-last cuz I’m a covenant child!” he had said.

“How can you say greed when I never billed them for anything I have ever done for them in my life! From writing credit and vocal credit on the invasion album.”

“…ask them if I was ever greedy! Just let them say it!. For your information, I was staying in their boys’ squatters with their driver and their cook, just one room.”

“All of us shared a toilet and I had big songs and also the other side of their twin duplex was empty! Now! I slept on brand new television carton used my shirt as cover cloth.”

Okoye had later defended reacted claiming his fuse with May D began after he gave him a contract some years back. He said the singer came back two weeks after the contract to state that there were no incentives therein.

According to the record executive, May D had demanded a car and an apartment in Lekki, a city in Lagos, despite the fact that he was still an upcoming singer.

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