A Chronological Reply to Davido’s; “Nigeria must change before I venture into Politics” by Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

As a citizen of any country, one is saddled with several duties as; social, political and Civic. Minding this, one must definitely participate in all events that determines the structure of the state.

As a Nigerian, one will be ashamed, devastated and disgraced due to the manner in which the political industry has prevaricated from the security of national interest.

However, it is worthy to note that nothing will tend to change in the country unless something is done briskly to stop the insanity that has befallen the country Nigeria.

Youths are said and known to be future of any given state. In the case of Nigeria, the youths are grossly distracted by the filthy tricks of entertainment as their futures are slipping off their custody.

As the problems facing the country has been recognised, the next action is to get rid of it.
There are millions hoping, praying and waiting for Nigeria to get sane. But, it’s high time we come off it.

I’m using this medium to caution Nigerians home and abroad, I’m using this opportunity to signal to youths in the entertainment world and those in the filthy world of politics.

The time Nigeria needs us is now and we must obey the Clarion call as we can’t but serve Nigeria, our fatherland.
Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboi, Olamide and all, we can’t remain ‘fem’ as we must unleash our expressions in every way. Let us wait no more as Nigeria will be totally out of our sight in another wait.

God bless OBO, God bless the music industry, God bless all Nigerians and God bless Nigeria!



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