A Nobel Laureate Calls for Contest in Covid-19 Vaccine Research

With series of vaccine Approved by the world health organization, In an open letter, than 100 top scientists including 15 Nobel laureates have written an open letter calling for volunteers to be exposed to the coronavirus to assist with vaccine development.

They said so-called “human challenge trials” or “controlled infection trials” were of “vast importance” in speeding up the testing of the vaccines in development around the world.

“If challenge trials can safely and effectively speed the vaccine development process, there is a formidable presumption in favor of their use, which would require a very compelling ethical justification to overcome,”

The letter said human challenge trials — in which volunteers are deliberately exposed to the pathogen under controlled conditions — can provide information months before conventional efficacy trials, in which candidates receive a vaccine or control and resume their normal life, with the assumption that they may be eventually exposed to the virus.

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