A Thailand Man Caught Sexing with Flip- Flops

A young guy from Thailand stole a flip-flops to have sex with them.

Police says that Theerapat Klaiya, 24, has a fetish for flip-flops and pinched 126 pairs from locals in Nonthaburi, central Thailand.

According to a statement from a police officer, he normally use CCTV footage and he was caught on camera after being search they found his sprawling collection of shoes that he claimed he had been collecting for more than two years.

Klaiya said he would wear them around his home as it turned him on, police claimed. He allegedly told officers that after several hours of wearing the flip-flops, he cuddled and kissed them, stripping off and rubbing them on his body, before ‘having sex with them.’

After we arrested the suspect, we also found out that he had already been arrested last year for stealing flip-flops in another district.

“He fully admitted stealing the sandals for lewd purposes, so will be detained at the station until a court appearance for prosecutors to decide on the next part of the legal process for him.”

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