Africa Will be the Last to Get Covid-19 Vaccine


The executive director of Kumasi center for collaborative research in tropical medicine, Dr. John Amuasi says by the time the race for Covid-19 vaccines production ends Africa will be the last in line to get any vaccine or medicines.

He said before the news of any scientific breakthrough gets into public domain, it would have advanced beyond the stage announced to the media.

Speaking at a webiner on “Balancing the tripod of a pandemic, the role of government, NGO’s and research organizations”, organized by the global emerging pathogens Treatment Consortium, Amuasi said the picture in Africa concerning the spread of the virus had not received special attention because the focus is always on Europe and North America.

He made it known that for Ebola it was different because they were all pretty save over there while the disease raged through Africa,he also said he can tell that the Covid-19 vaccine is also all about North America and Europe. We will be the last to get the vaccine because the virus is not rampant.

He also said the before news of a potential vaccine or cure gets out there in public domain,you can be sure that it has gone pretty advanced from where it was coming from.It would have gone far before the rest of the world gets to hear about it.

In conclusion, he said when you recognize this, it helps us to approach things in the right perspective,this is “why African governments decided to go a bit easy and ease some of the lockdown restrictions” he said.

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