Akpata Floors Two Contenders, Wins NBA Presidential Election


After the apex court’s judgement that sacked David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress in Bayelsa state, some protesters besieged the Abuja residence of Odili, accusing her of influencing the ruling in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He described the protest as an attempt to intimidate the judiciary, adding that it showed that the paymasters of the mob were “able to move violently against any judicial officer that enters a judgement against their perceived interest.

If the executive branch of the FGN has made any comment on it, its statement must have been so muffled and muted that it was entirely inaudible. And that is most unfortunate.

That incident is nothing but an attempt to intimidate not only Peter-Odili JSC but the entire Nigerian judiciary.”

In a statement, Paul Usoro, the president of the NBA, described the protesters as “an unruly and obviously hired mob.”

Following its recent online presidential election, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) now has a new leader who is not from the rank of senior advocates.

The new NBA president is Olumide Akpata who polled 1,002 votes which represents 54.8% of the total votes cast at the election.

Akpata floored two contenders at the poll: Babatunde Ajibade who polled 808 votes and Julius Adesina who claimed 679 votes.
However, a human rights activist who is also a lawyer, Chidi Odinkalu, has accused the electoral process of being occasioned by rigging and manipulation.

CMM reported that following the invasion of the residence of Mary Odili, a judge of the Supreme Court, by protesters, the NBA had described the action as barbaric and uncalled for.



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