Alcoholic monkey kills one injured 250 people in India

Udeh Emmanuel, Lagos.

Six year old alcoholic monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his malevolent act which happens when he stopped getting his supply of intoxicants

The intoxicated monkey Kalua, went out frenziedly when his drink was empty which left a man dead and 250 injured

According to Daily,the intoxicated animal belonged to an “occultist in Mirzapur,uttar Pradesh in India, who often supply his pet of hard liquor and also monkey meat

After the owner died, the animal stopped getting is regular diet of alcohol and started haunting the neighbourhood’s in an impetuous manner

According to the source privy, his target are mostly women and girls which has left dozens of children in need for surgery after ripping their faces with his fangs.

The zoo doctor Mohd Nasir says

“We kept him in isolation for some months and then shifted him to a separate cage,”

“There has been no change in his behaviour and he remains as aggressive as he was. It has been three years since he was brought here, but now it has been decided that he will remain in captivity all his life.”

The zoologist also said ,he was not only alcoholic but that he also refuses to eat vegetables.

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