All Schools must have Isolation Centers before Resumption – FG


Nigeria Educational sector still on the fence on the agenda for Resumption.

While the Parent and students across the nation roar out like a lion about the future of the Students, despite Government proposal for Resumption.

The Federal Ministry of Education has proposed a mandate that schools must create isolation spaces before reopening.

This was filed in the documents proposed
Guidelines for schools and learning facilities reopening after COVID-19 pandemic closure’,

They have also been mandated to “establish a referral system, including protocols and procedures to take if learners, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel become unwell while in schools”.

Proprietors of schools have also been asked to seek grants to procure soaps and buckets, ensure regular safe water supply, ensure constant supply of learning and instructional materials and pay salaries on time.

The Punch Newspapers confirmed to CMM

Details soon……….

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