An Open Letter to the Director General of NYSC; Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim.

As pained, I’m forced to write this piece and I hope it’ll reach you well.

First of all, I’ll like to applaud your numerous achievements towards the continuation of the ‘usual’ NYSC. May the almighty reward you according to your deeds.

I write as a Nigerian and not a corps member deployed to one of the failed states in Nigeria. This piece is meant to propel the rapid response to security of corps members, not from kidnappers nor armed robbers but from the ruthless and dreadful police men/SARS.

I believe you must have read recently in the news of two cases where a corps member was murdered by SARS and another ruthlessly brutalized. I crave your indulgence to swift into action as to investigate the incidence. A female corps member was said to have allegedly died in the police custody while another was brutalized while they conducted an illegal search in her house in Anambra state. There are of course, other cases but to which the victims are quiet due to the unfortunate nation we find ourselves.

I’ve personally recorded cases whereby corps members were brutalized, assaulted, humiliated and embarrassed by the SARS. It appears to them that corps members are nothing but vessels found inside some kakhi trousers.

There is the urgent need to revitalize the security of corps members especially from Police officers. It’s quite knowledgeable that the soldiers of the army respect corps members maybe as a result of their established relationship at the orientation camps.

I believe corps members who report any police officer should be taken seriously and the case taken up to any extent required to vindicate justice.

Although, Nigeria has been a tattered state caused by our leaders past and present. However, corps members should receive a credible support and protection from the government and not death caused by the police officers.

I want to believe if your daughter was among those brutalized or killed by the SARS, you’ll be the number 1 to lead a force to propel the scrapping of the ruthless, clueless and useless SARS.

I believe we don’t have to wait till your daughter is victim of such misfortune. I hope and pray you take actions against this draconian groups who’ll soon chop off Nigerian youths without hesitation if nothing constructive is done swiftly to curb them.

If there is any doubt to this I’ve written, kindly conduct a questionnaire around the 36 states amongst corps members and see if you don’t have 99.9% of corps members attesting to all and more that I’ve written.

Corps members are said to be barred from protest. I hope you listen to their cries so as to avoid disobedience as such.

I want to use this opportunity to also reach out to you to intervene in security of jobs for corps members. There are several parastatal in the country where it is obvious that only youths should be associated therein. But, we find aged and immortals who have misplaced their retirement letters there. I hope you kindly look into the matter and fashion a unit that helps scouts or fix graduated corps members to jobs available.

Thank you for receiving this letter and may you be blessed as you act immediately on it.

Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

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