An Open Letter to the Inspector General of Police; Mohammed Adamu.

An Open Letter to the Inspector General of Police; Mohammed Adamu.

I cease this medium to salute you; inspector general of police, Mohammed Adamu. I also commend those efforts of yours in the attempt to ensure security of Nigeria and all Nigerians, may Allah reward you according to your works. Amen.

On a more serious note, it is important that your attention is drawn to several atrocities committed by the police officers in Nigeria. It saddens my heart that Nigerians feel safer with armed robbers, kidnappers than police officers.

Several cases has been taken up concerning officers from the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) who have killed, displaced and brutalized innocent Nigerians. It is very confusing that in a democratic system, Nigerians are violated by those who should help implement the laws.

Sir, it feels there is need to address the duties and functions of SARS in Nigeria. According to the name accorded to the department, the officers under SARS should only be deployed to a robbery event. It is so confusing or rather stupid that SARS officers parade different towns harassing, extorting innocent Nigerians. Many of them claim to be tackling internet fraud. In this case, where do we place the EFCC and other agencies that SARS officers have stolen their duties?

It is also worthy to note that the MOPOL officers were created to take special duties just like SARS and they have been doing so well.

It is on this note that I want you to think through of the need to displace SARS and transfer such recourses to MOPOL and other special agents. It is obvious that the SARS officers have caused more harm to Nigerians than good.

The recent attack by the SARS officer on some alleged Yahoo boys which led to their death in Osun State is just another of the usual discharge from the SARS. How many more Nigerians do you want to lose before you scrap SARS?

According to many Nigerians, SARS officers are known to pay some returns to their superior in the Nigeria Police Force which made them still in power to continue with their shady deals despite all odds. But, if so, no matter how bountiful the naira notes can be, it can’t be more precious than the lives of Nigerians.

I hope this letter reaches you in good condition and mood so as for you to make the right decision in order to stop the funeral of innocent Nigerians every week.

May God help you as well as other chiefs to ensure security that Nigeria deserves. Amen

Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

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