Boko Haram member raped sister

Udeh Emmanuel, Lagos.

A Nigeria teenager narrated how she was raped by her uncle who was a Boko Haram member

The girl who preferred to be unknown through out the interview, disclose this heartbreaking incident with BBC on June 19,a day set aside annually by the United Nations to address sexual violence

She said,everything came as a result of the attack on her village which saw virtually all men killed ,while the women were taken away into exile

“The incident happened on a Tuesday as Boko Haram entered our town, killed all the men, burnt all our houses and took those of us that are women along,” she told the news outlet.

“My uncle, who is also a Boko Haram member, then told me to stand up and follow him, that I had become his property. He started raping me since that day.”

She explained that her uncle was later killed due to a disagreement among the group, adding that she was subsequently married off to another member of the group

“He was, however, killed after some time following disagreement between him and other Boko Haram members. I was married off to another member of the group,” she added.

She also narrated how she and her fellow girls were disgraced when they arrived the internally Displaced Person (IDP) camp in Bama, Borno state after they escaped from their abductors while they were sleeping

“Anywhere we go to, people do stigmatise us as wives of Boko Haram members as if it’s our fault. Personally, l can’t forgive Boko Haram for life because of what they did to me,” she said.

The girl ,said her dreams is to become a soldier after completing her education in other to eliminate Boko Haram completely from Nigeria. She also recalled everything that have happened to her had left her traumatised for long until she came across Al-Amin foundation, a non governmental organisation

She said “My dream in life is to complete my education and become a soldier, then fly a plane and bomb every Boko Haram member. I’ll like to see them (Boko Haram) end in Nigeria,”.

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