Buhari Aides Broke The Law- Interstates Movement


The masses finding it difficult to reach the real reason behind The president aides movement despite the ban on lockdown.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President, Garba Shehu opened today on a program ” SUN RISE” with channeltv he stated

“The Presidency has not failed. Don’t forget there is a caveat in that protocol. When travels are necessitated, they are permitted and even in the Villa, hardly do you have a day without somebody coming from their state whether they are governors and they come to do official business.

“Therefore, what is not permitted is frivolous and unwarranted travel. When it is warranted, the people can offer themselves at the checkpoints and once the explanations they give are convincing, they are allowed to proceed. I think this happens all over the country.”
“We follow what the NCDC and Ministry of Health prescribe. The difference the Villa makes is that there is an eye on everyone,”

The police had last week arrested six aides of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, following an altercation between them and Tunde.

Tunde was said to have recently returned from interstate travel and met with someone who was COVID-19 positive.

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