Buhari Could not Interpret Questions in a Press Briefing

Immediately after the prayers on Friday as Sallah was celebrated around the country, the president granted a press briefing.

A pressman asked the president; Muhammadu Buhari some certain questions but the president answered wrongly.

However, it was generally seen that the president could not interpret the simple questions asked.

The pressman said;

“How do you feel about recent revelations from NDDC and EFCC?”

President Buhari replied;

“There has been abuse of trust by previous administration, this administration and number of assets are been recovered and some money but we have introduced TSA; Treasury Single Account where all the monies are taken and I said assets should be sold and the money be put through TSA; Treasury Single Account so that it can be identified at any level. And I will see how will come after us and take it back again to those who misappropriate…”

As the president was still speaking, his S.A; Garba Sheu signaled to the pressman to cut.

This is not the first time the president will be answering questions wrongly, at a point in time, it was said that the president has ear complications.

Many Nigerians reacted after the video as not a surprise as he’s even doing better than before.



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