Buhari, Trump are Clueless – Wizkid.

The Nigeria Superstar Hip/Afro singer Ayo Balogun, The star artist hit a pen on a social media after the extra-judicial killings by the police in the two countries. In his view about George Floyd black man was recently killed in the US by an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).

Floyd’s death came amid dusts over the killing of 16-year-old girl, at Iyana Oworo area of Lagos, by an officer of the Nigerian police.
According to the Superstar he put his pen in diction on Twitter handle “Police is kill black Americans and Nigerian police kill Nigerians. No man can sort this matter. God save us,” he had written on Saturday.
He stated on Monday lack of ability for the two leader make them Clueless, both leader are the same…. He wrote in mixed language.

“Buhari/Trump same person lol only difference be say one sabi use twitter pass the other. Clueless!”

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