Covid-19 Cases Shoot up after Israel Reopened

Not less than three weeks Isreal reopen school and social gathering , the novel Virus loop up, With 347 pupils and teachers testing positive for the virus, 127 schools did not reopen on Sunday, the beginning of the workweek in Israel, according to an Education Ministry statement.

The number of pupils and staff in home quarantine grew from slightly more than 16,000 to almost 17,500 in little more than 12 hours.

As of Sunday, a total of 17,783 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Israel, of whom 15,064 have recovered.

Only 29 are in serious condition, of whom 23 are on respirators.

The latest school closures included at least two in Tel Aviv where a teacher and several students tested positive for COVID-19.

A school in the northern city of Safed was also shuttered after a staff member and van driver were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Over 20 more schools were closed Thursday due to coronavirus infections, as Israel recorded the largest single day rise in coronavirus infections in over a month.

According to the Education Ministry, 87 schools and daycares have now been closed to stem the spread of the virus, up from 65 earlier in the day.

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