Dubai Firm bars Nigerians from Employment

A firm in Dubai, Shirley Recruitment Consultants, posted that they were not recruiting Nigerians for to their firm. One of the requirements for the job is that the applicant should be African.

However, they pointed out that the applicant should not be a Nigerian.

The exclusion of Nigerians from the job caused an outrage among Nigerians as some blamed the increment of internet fraud, scams and corruption in Nigeria.

The arrest of Ray hushpuppi for Internet fraud was also mentioned to have been another factor which has caused the exclusion of Nigerians.

Furthermore, other people pointed out that the leadership in the country is “nothing to write home about” as those in power are of questionable characters.

Making reference to the Hushpuppi situation, it is ironic that most of the money acquired through scam by hushpuppi are spent in Dubai, as he kept buying expensive cars while paying tax to the Dubai government, spent a fortune on hotels to impress on the gram, all going to UAE pockets. However, the government of Dubai who were enjoying the benefits of Hushpuppi lavish spending are painting Nigeria bad.

The image of Nigeria to outsiders has been tainted bad, as the action of few bad people are used judge the behavior of thousand other Nigerians.

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