Edo PDP ‘Exposed’ Plans of APC Obtaining $500 Million for Elections

The state owned bank, NEXIM, is being investigated following the instruction of the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State, following their plan to give the the ruling All Progressives Congress $500m to conduct elections in the state.

Chris Osa Nehikhare, the PDP spokesperson released a statement saying there are plans made by the bank to convert the fund to loan which would be a problem for the state on the long run.

In his statement, the spokesperson further
stated that the APC, despite their claim of fighting corruption, is engaging in corrupt activities.

Furthermore,the spokesperson noted that APC, during their 5 years in power has not achieved anything, instead, they’ve perfected a plan to carry out an illegal act of collecting Funds from the NEXIM.

He therefore advised that APC and the bank shouldn’t go through with the deal, as the bank should provide loans for Small and Medium business so as to build the economy of the state and country in general.

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