Extravagant Spending Of Past Bauchi Government

The likes of The State Governor, The Senator Bala Muhammed both echo out about the Extravagant spending of 50million naira for a single trip to Abuja.

Bala Muhammed speaking out in a media chat to mark his first year in office
“Just to go to Abuja, they spent N50m. It is there on record. My protocol takes take N3m to N5m to go with me. If you take N50m times four, that is N200m. You can’t do any project,”

Bala Muhammed also stated despite the novel Virus Pandemic, the administration will continue to work hard in restructuring the state, even though some capital project are on going I the state.

  • “Our administration must perform, but must be prudent. Our prudence and humility is a necessity because expectations are very high and these are genuine”.

He used the medium to promise everyone in the state all stolen funds will be recovered by the present administration, through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
He stated even though there is option to voting while choice is allowed, he also vow not to look away from those that did not vote for former Governor Mohammad Abubakar for him to emerge winner.

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