Ize-Iyamu Begs Obaseki to return to APC


The winner of APC primary governorship election Ize-Iyamu, urge the Edo state Governor Goodwin Obaski, to return to his previous party.

Godwin Obaski left the APC after been screened out by Adam Oshimhole to PDP.

Ize-Iyamu said he is willing to work with Obaseki if he would return to the party he “originally belong” to.

“By this process we just competed, the party is now on its step to full recovery. I also salute Governor Obaseki, and I will appeal to him to return to the party,” he said.

“In every party we have disagreement but I don’t want it that it is this disagreement that would push him out. I once made that mistake. It might be nice for him to come back, and certainly I’m going to work with with him.

“We’ve shown the example today in APC as we are determined to be law abiding. The few months we have for campaign, let’s do it in a law abiding manner. I’m pledgeing on behalf of my party that we will be peacul and respectful.

“I’m naturally happy and humbled by the overwhelming support from the 18 local government areas. I’m so related that there was no incident of violence as this has been my prayer point. The election went on with strict adherence to the state’s government COVID-19 regulations.”

He appreciates the President of Nigeria for his support and the security agency in the primary election.

The cable confirmed to CMM

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