Fayemi is a Failure in Ekiti State- Babafemi Ojudu

The chief Advicer to the president on political issue lament over the poor leadership of Ekiti State Governor,

The former Senator on an phone conversation with Journalist gathered by CMM

“They have not called any meeting of leaders of the party. No meeting, no caucus, I don’t know how one man can run a show of the party. He (Fayemi) is a puppeteer. He beats the drum and others just dance to it.”

“Where is the focus on the people now? Is it roads the government is constructing? Is it providing employment? Is it providing foods? Where is the governance? I want you to do a search on Google and tell me where the projects are in Ekiti.”

In aspect of this Fayemi aids voiced out.

“Ojudu is sounding like people are claiming he is. He is guilty of what people are accusing him of. We believe his appointment can’t be divorced from being an Ekiti man. Yes, Senator Ojudu doesn’t come home and doesn’t recognise Ekiti at the moment”.

“What you don’t understand you will always see fault in it. For now, Ojudu will always see the negative side because he is already a stranger to the people and the party,”

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