French Minister Accused of Rape says he’s a Victim of ‘manhunt’

French Minister Accused Of Rape despite accusation showed no signs of abating. Few days after his promotion to the top portion by the president, “I am the target of a slander.

I do not wish anyone to be wrongly accused and I would not even wish my worst enemy to be the victim of the manhunt to which I am today subjected,” Darmanin told Europe 1 radio.

He argued that criticism of his appointment was politically motivated and aimed at weakening the government.

“There is a relationship of confidence — man-to-man — between the president of the republic and the minister who has been named, on the reality of these events and the consequences,” Macron added.

That comment enraged feminists with the NousToutes (All of Us) collective issuing a message to the president: “We are leaving you as, frankly, we have no idea what else to do.”

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