Ghana Police Admits Shooting Nigerian on Purpose


Superintendent Samuel Odame in an interview with a source, he said the shot was fired in an attempt to defend the patrol team on the ground from the victim.

The Kasoa District Police Commander confirmed the shooting of a Nigerian, known as Precious, at Gomoa Buduburam in the Central Region of Ghana.

He said the police received intelligence that a man in possession of a cutlass had ran amok and was threatening to slash anyone who came his way.

The news of Precious’ death has caused tension as an angry mob besieged the Gomoa Buduburam Police Station on Saturday morning.

The Nigerian community is seeking answers on why he was shot to death.

They accused the police of shooting Precious on purpose, but Kasoa Divisional Police Commander dispelled the allegation, noting that the information was false.

Therefore, a patrol team was dispatched to engage him.

Precious, now deceased, pursued the officers and in their defence, they shot him and he subsequently died of a gunshot wound.

“The victim attacked my men with a machete.

When the police officers got there, they wanted to talk to him to calm down but the victim chased the corporal who made that attempt, so my men had to run.

“The shot was fired to disable him; it is just unfortunate that he passed on later. But the attempt was not to kill him, the attempt was to disable him,” he stressed.

Supt Odame, however, refused to disclose where the bullet hit him, explaining that it could jeopardize the postmortem

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