Governor of Ogun State Orders Further Lockdown of Religious Centers


Pandemic lockdown(Quaratine).
The world in great test and the micro biologist needs to prove there worth. Nigeria with the highest number of confirmed cases with some state planning to kick school and religious gathering resumption but look ironically with some state.

The Governor of Ogun state Dapo Abiodun, revived his decision to open religious gathering due to massive increase of Covid-19 in the state while June 19 was planned earlier as date for resumption.

According to the Governor

Consequently, we are confronted with two choices – yield to the demand of those who want the restrictions to be further relaxed or even completely removed, even if this is at variance with the dictates of incontrovertible data analysis and scientific opinion; or tow the path that preserves public health and safety, even if not so popular.”

“As a responsible administration, we choose life and the wellbeing of our citizens and are therefore constrained to take the painful but necessary decision to maintain the current regime of eased lockdown in the meantime, we are consequently suspending our initially slated reopening of places of worship.”

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