Lagos Speaker; Obasa Faces Panel Over Corruption

Mr Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker, Lagos House of Assembly Alleged for embezzlement of funds, the matter seem to be close but the matter has gotten to the house, though it was through an online medium
The speaker denied the allegation of and called it false and rendered it to be the work of enemies.

According to the allegations made by online medium

reports that an online medium had reported on May 23 that at least 64 bank accounts have been discovered and linked to the Bank Verification Number of the speaker.

The online medium, said that its discovered that the accounts registered with various names, are being used to siphon public funds and many other allegations against the speaker.

The speaker responded well to the allegation

“We bought land cruisers for Principal Officers of the House. The cars we bought for them are always higher than those of other members and we followed the due process in the purchase.

“We went through the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) and others and the vehicles were distributed appropriately.

“It was agreed at the parliamentary meetings on about four occasions and the Clerk of the House, Mr Azeez Sanni, is the Secretary.

“Also, it is not true that my wife collects N10 million monthly from the House. Anyone who says she does should come with proofs and evidences.

“My approval limit as the Speaker is N100 million and anything above that would have to be approved by the Fund Management Committee.

Obasa also debunked an allegation that N258 million was spent for the printing of invitation cards for the inauguration of the 9th Assembly.

He said that the whole event cost N61 million and that N1.1 million was spent on printing of the invitation cards.

“It is not possible to spend N258 million to print invitation cards. We are not involved in such a frivolous expenditure,” he said.

Obasa, while explaining on the expenditure of N80 million as estacode for the training of women in Dubai, said that wives of the 20 lawmakers attended the event and that he was there to declare the event open.

“We gave N4 million to each of the participants for air ticket, hotels, feedings and local travel.

“Air ticket to Dubai alone is about N2 million. Some of these allegations were raised for a crusade to get the speaker out of office.

“The House of Assembly is above common standard of excellence and we have to train people, and this comes with a cost. Learning is not cheap and I have never collected N80 million for estacode at a go before,”

“On the issue of awarding contracts to companies belonging to me, they should come and show evidence of where I awarded contracts to myself,” he told the panel.

On the report that he tricked former Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode, to spend N350 million for hosting a meeting of Conference of Speakers, Obasa, told the committee that this was not possible.

The speaker said such situation was not possible since Ambode was an accountant, who rose to be the Chief Accountant of the State.

“There was no way I could have tricked Ambode to release such money, we had a meeting of the Conference of Speakers, who came with three members each and we had sub-committees who were given two million naira each.

“We paid for the tickets of each speaker, we pay for their hotel accommodation, feeding and souvenirs. We also provided local transportation for them.

“All these allegations are deliberate actions of my enemies to achieve their aims that they could not achieve in the House to remove me as the Speaker of the House, which was why they came up with such reports,” he said.

The speaker denied spending N60 million for social influences.

Obasa said he did not know the companies they were talking about.

“The BVN they were flying about was not correct.

“Whatever I have done as a Speaker, all the approvals I gave as Speaker were given based on collective approval of the members of the House,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr Wasiu Eshinlokun-Sanni, who also appeared before the panel denied attending meeting in Dubai as against the report of online medium.

Also speaking, Chairman of the House Committee on Information and Strategy, Mr Tunde Braimoh, said he didn’t know how much was spent on the hosting of Conference of Speakers since different people handled different aspects of the event.

“We provided hospitality for the few the people that came. The event involved other things, there were catering and others that were given to other people to handle.

“It is most uncharitable to say we spent N47.5 million for social media influencers. We spend money on publicity and public relations.

“We have programmes that we pay for, on TVC and LTV 8. We have a magazine that we produce and we print 40,000 copies quarterly and distribute to schools and other places and we pay for the content, design and production,”

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