I’m Alive, Healthy- Ebenezer Obey


Nigerian veteran juju musician, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey has denied the widespread rumour that he died earlier on Saturday, July 4, in faraway London.

The singer also known as Obey Commander in a video made by his children and shared by one of them who is also a musician, Tolu Obey, was spotted with another of his sons smiling and full of life.

The juju maestro turned gospel singer than sang a popular Yoruba song: “Ijo le mi o ma jo, erin lemi o maa rin, Olugbala ti dami lare ota ma yo” which when translated means I will dance and laugh as God has vindicated me, my enemy don’t rejoice

The son who was first to speak said: “Praise the Lord! This is Baba Obey here and alive. He is life and direct.”

The son went ahead and asked his father to address his fans or sing for them. Obey said: “Well, I give thanks to God almighty, I am hale and hearty, ‘ko si nkan to se mi o, alaafia ni mo wa’. I am fine.”

The son went on to assure his dad’s fans that his father is at home right now, with no worries.

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