It’s now a Month and “Black Lives Matters” Protest still Continues in U.K


Despite the lock down Directive, black getting knock by the white ( Racism ) in attempt to ease the spread of Covid-19, it rise the breath of Racism.

Anti-racism demonstrators pull out in thousands at London to protests across the United Kingdom, despite a ban on large gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic, both London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow unite together chanting BLACK LIVE MATTER

Metropolitan Police Commander Alex Murray urged activists in London to comply with Britain’s coronavirus social distancing rules, which limit groups to a maximum of six people.

“We remain in a health pandemic,” Murray said. “We value democracy and the right for people to have a voice, but would ask people to do so in another way, and not come to London to demonstrate.”

Murray said the police had “been working hard with community leaders” to prevent violence, after officers arrested dozens of anti-racism protesters and right-wing counter-protesters last weekend.

“The UK is far from innocent [in racism], and therefore we must persist by reminding this country and government that Black Lives Matter,” the group said on Saturday.

Comfimed by ALJAZEERA to CMM

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