Joe Biden Promises to make American Visa Easy to Acquire when Elected

President Donald Trump, placed a ban on countries dominated with Muslim population, including Nigeria which prevents them from immigrating to the US.

However, Joe Biden, the presidential candidate for the Democratic party, who was also Donald Trump opposer, has stated that he would remove this ban and make America more friendly and open to immigrants.

Joe Biden on his site, proposed that the ban placed by President Donald Trump has hurt the economy of the country and has hurt the country morals.

Biden promised to restore asylum laws so it would protect people who are fleeing their country to escape prosecution, or those who cannot return home safely, as he would increase government resources to support migrants.

In his campaign, Biden also stated that the ban against Muslim dominated countries outrageous is affecting the country’s economy. It also dosen’t go in line with the morals of the United state and it dosen’t make the country more secure.

Biden also promised to protect undocumented immigrants who has been productive in the country by sending them to schools and recruiting them into the military.

He also promised to revisit the diversity visa lottery to ensure that immigrants from any part of the country to be able to become citizens of the country.

The 2020 US presidential election will hold November 3, 2020.

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