Kogi State Governor Reveals Results of Covid-19 Tests for State

It was reported earlier by Career Mission Media(CMM) that the executive governor of Kogi State; Yahaya Bello said there is pressure from the higher authority to declare fake result in Kogi state.

It was confirmed to CMM also that the state was reportedly harbouring Covid-19 patients.

However, till date, no clear result has proven that the state has any active case of Covid-19 as the state seems to agree less with the Nigeria center for Disease Control (NCDC).

The governor also received officials of the NCDC to research on the Covid-19 case in the state but were subjected to 14 days quarantine by the governor.

It was confirmed by CMM that the official left the state and claimed the state didn’t welcome them.

Recently, the State had to lockdown her capital to carry our research after a report came to CMM that a chief imam tested positive to Covid-19 and was referred to Abuja.

The state also refected the result saying NCDC result is fraud. After some days of Lockdown in the state capital; Lokoja, the state re confirmed that the state of Kogi is still Covid-19 free.

The governor revealed that all tests done during the lockdown in Kabba was all negative.

Yahaya Bello disclosed this as he lifts lockdown in the state capital.



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