Lawyer Slam African President Over George Floyd Murder

Floyd’s killing has sparked global outrage and protest across cities with many presidents condemning the situation.
South Africa based lawyer and civil rights activist,Austin Okeke has said that Africa presidents cannot confidently condemn the killing of African-American,George Floyd because terrible police happen under their watch on the continent.
Okeke said African presidents are worse,the rule of law on the African continent is nothing to write about,there are no human rights ,any leader can just wake up anyday and just establish a law.
In addition,he said what will Buhari be condemning in America nothing,he made mention of the Xenophobic attack and how the president did nothing about the killing of its citizens living in south Africa,he said all these things fall within the bracket of human rights.

Okeke said American citizens flooded the streets to protest police brutality because of the enabling environment created in the country for human rights to thrive.He said United states is seen as a beacon of human rights which made it easy for its citizens to bombard the whitehouse to air their views.

In conclusion,he added that speaking on the way forward for Africa,Okeke added that leadership on the Africa continent needs to be changed from the age bracket of those taking leadership and from the understanding of what they are going there to do.

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