Racist Protesters Should be Charged

Thousand of people criticize on all protest moving round the globe covered by racism where lockdown is expected to be the prominent motive of all human kind.
The question catched people mindset where freedom of speech over lockdown.

Critics have called for marches to be banned on health grounds, sparking debate over freedom of
speech and the country’s colonial past. Conservative leader Scott Morrison said the
protests violated social-distancing rules and hampered lifting a coronavirus shutdown, endangering the economy.
Tens of thousands of Australians demonstrated this week against systemic racism at home and in the United States, and more protests are
planned for the coming days. During a interview, Morrison praised British explorer Captain James Cook and claimed, “there was no slavery in Australia”. The remark was roundly rejected by historians and activists, who pointed to evidence of indentured Aboriginal workers and thousands of
slaves taken from the Pacific islands to work on Australian sugar cane plantations. Australia has seen sustained low levels of community transmission of the virus and only a
handful of new cases now appear daily.

Restaurants, bars, and schools have reopened and many sports have restarted, though strict social distancing rules remain. Aboriginal Australians continue to be vastly over-
represented in the prison population, and there have been more than 400 indigenous deaths in custody in the last few decades alone. Morrison did not elaborate on what charges
protesters face, but authorities have warned they
will at least issue fines for violating restrictions
on public gatherings.

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