Magu: ‘I have been insulted and embarrassed for serving my nation’


Ibrahim Magu still find himself not guilty toward all allegations leveled against him. However he wrote ‘I have been insulted and embarrassed for serving my nation’

“Mr Chairman, since the 6th of July when our client honoured your invitation, he has been consistently applying to the committee to be given the petitions containing the allegations of CONSPIRACY, CORRUPT ENRICHMENT, ABUSE OF POWER/OFFICE, which request has not been honoured or obliged till date,” the letter reads.

“Our client has also informed us that he remains unaware of the terms of reference of this distinguished committee.”

Magu also expressed his discomfort at being detained for a week “without being informed of the allegations against him and the deserved opportunity to timeously study and respond to same.”

The embattled former EFCC Chairman says “witnesses are called and examined by the committee behind his back and without allowing him and counsel of his choice to participate in the proceedings involving these witnesses.”

The letter also criticized the press for treating Magu like a “common criminal” and for peddling false allegations,

Such “unfounded allegations never featured in the proceedings of the committee thus far,” the letter reads.

“These campaigns of calumny have greatly affected the morale of our client and damaged his hard earned reputation and that of the commission (EFCC).

“Our client as a result of this campaign of calumny has been paraded like a common criminal and subjected to all manners of insults and embarrassment just for serving his nation diligently and efficiently as the arrow-head of the anti-corruption campaign of this administration.

“This unfortunate development is happening even before the determination of the petitions before this honourable committee with prejudicial consequences.”

“Under this president and government, this is our mantra and guiding principle. There are no sacred cows, and for those who think they have a halo over their heads, their days are also numbered.

“Mr Magu was not immune — and regardless of the obvious embarrassment that potential acts of wrongdoing by him, given the office he held, may appear for the government.

“No other administration in the history of Nigeria would have moved to bring into the light and public domain such an allegation,” the president’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

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