Minneapolsis Police Station Set On Fire

After the killing of a young American-African Man by a police officer, protesters, Friday stormed Minneapolis police station and set the building on fire.

Despite the burnt Station the protesters look angry and ready to fight.

Recap On How George Floyd Got Killed.

On a calm Monday morning, police in Minneapolis were called about someone trying to pass a counterfeit bill at Cup Foods, a neighborhood grocery store. Two offices responded to this alleged forgery in progress, saw a man matching the suspect’s description and ordered him out of his car,

“Please, please. I can’t breathe,” Floyd rasps out on the smartphone video. He moans. “I can’t breathe, officer.” A bystander off-screen addresses the officers: “He is human, bro.”

The crowd came out in search of the third police man they shouted aloud and echo his name I can’t breathe,” marching past buildings engulfed in smoke and orange flames.

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