Nigeria Elected as Member of Economic and Social Council in United Nations



With the effort of President Buhari to curb the word corruption and embark on economy stability, Wiith various logistics embarked by the president the revived the stolen loot to the country. With this reward, The United Nations General Assembly, on Wednesday, elected Nigeria along with 17 other countries into the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN.

The newly elected Countries will serve for 3 years with the aim and agenda to drives the economic, social and environmental agenda of the UN.

According to Itegboje, Nigeria’s deputy ambassador to the UN, said the country’s election within two years after its last term in the council “underscored its diplomatic clout at the UN”.

While 14 seats are reserved for African countries in the council, only five were vacant for Wednesday’s election.

Madagascar, Liberia, Libya and Zimbabwe were elected along with Nigeria following their endorsement and presentation by their respective sub-regional organisations.

Indonesia, Japan and Solomon Islands were also elected to represent Asia and Pacific states, while Bulgaria was elected for the Eastern European Group.

Others include Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico which are to represent the Latin American and Caribbean Group.

Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom were elected to fill five vacant seats reserved for “Western European and other”

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