Nigerian Celebrities Celebrate while Fans Suffocates.

Nigerians are magnanimous, friendly and supportive. Although, Nationalism is a global concept, but in Nigeria, it is a culture.

Due to this, some view Nigerians as gullible or stupid, whereas they remain one of the most loyal people on earth.

There is no doubt that one of the major beneficiaries of the Nigerians’ loyalty spirit are the Nigerians celebrities who have enjoyed overwhelming support from the good people of Nigeria. But it is surprising that the need for the celebrities to appreciate and especially reciprocate the kind gesture from their compatriots, who have given them the platform to be noticed is still a subject of concern.

It is appaling that often times, the Nigerian celebrities always prefer to either choose the path of neutrality or blame the masses rather than the government, when it comes to questions of governance.

While on a contrary, Nigerians are always proud to stand with their celebrities, express their love and offer support to them at any given opportunity. The latter do this by streaming the songs and movies of their favourites, attending their cinemas, hangouts, concerts and other events, even if it would cost sacrificing resources, it is always a fulfilment when an average Nigerian fan contributes to the common pause of their favorite celebrities.

Apparently, Nigerians are happy people, energetic, lovely and real. A lot of Nigerians are fun loving.
Nigerians are closer to celebrities than even their political leaders, those who can be held responsible for their predicaments.

The travesty surrounding the choice of Nigerians concerning politics was well implemented by the the political leaders; greatest enemies of the state.

Nigerians are people who listen more to their celebrities than their pastors or Imams in various religious centers.

However, many Nigerian Celebrities have paid little or nothing to complement the love exhibited by the good people of Nigeria.

Even though nobody is to be relied upon concerning the freedom of Nigerians, celebrities must take advantage of their positions in the hearts of people to institute positivity.

Nigerians will take loans to get a ticket to go watch their favorite celebrities but will refuse call to protest bad governance and several misconduct by their government.

The vibes flaunted towards Laycon in the Bigbrother Naija show wouldn’t have just been enough to emancipate Nigeria but the whole of Africa.

Nigerians are fearless, Nigerians are fierce when it comes to loyalty, the only thing to be done is to channel them in the crucial path.

If Nigerian Celebrities could take up the mantle to propagate the needful, it’ll be the most beautiful thing in the history.

Nigerians are such who follow trends and keep to updates. Some pastors proclaimed themselves marlians even when termed unholy, the love for celebrity is just untouchable.

This is a call on all Celebrities situated in different spheres to take up the mantle of hecatbomb, the moment Nigerians need you is now.

This is not an activity to be forcefully done but done with great pleasure.

Remember! We’re not independent.

Ajiboye Amos Olakunle



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