Nigerians are Forced to Accept Covid-19 – Kogi Governor

The governor of Kogi State; Yahaya Bello had made this statement earlier today

The governor attended the prayers for the fridaus of chief judge of Kogi state; Nasir Ajana.

Nasir Ajana was said to have died of Covid-19 complications as he was specially treated at Gwagwalada, Abuja.

During the speech of the governor, he confirmed that the judge didn’t die of Covid-19.

The governor asked people not to accept what he described as “cut and paste COVID-19″, Bello said nothing kills faster than fear.

“Whether medical experts and scientists believe it or not, COVID-19 is out to shorten the lifestyle of the people, it is a disease propagated by force for Nigerians to accept,” the governor said.

“COVID-9 is only out to create fear, panic – orchestrated to reduce and shorten the lifespan of the people.”

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has so far announced three cases of COVID-19 in Kogi, but the state government still insists that the state is Covid-19 free.

The government has repeatedly accused the NCDC of false results been posted to Nigerians.

However, the state government said on Monday it had partnered with the United States Centre for Diseases Control (CDC) to establish a reference molecular laboratory for COVID-19 tests.

As of Monday, Nigeria recorded 25,133 cases of the disease. While 9,402 patients have recovered, 573 people have died.

Cable tv confirmed this to CMM

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