North Korea Executed Couples for Attempting Defect


North korea couple been executed by firing squad for trying to defect.

A married couple was executed by North Korea firing squad after being caught trying to flee with their 14years old nephew.

The husband and wife from Ryanggang province near China had tried to escape earlier this month despite the strict coronavirus quarantine sources told radio free Asia.

It is believed the couple were trying to bring their teen nephew back to his parents in south Korea,according to the report.

A resident of Ryanggang who requested to stay anonymous had revealed that the boy’s father who escaped to south Korea had asked his sister to bring his son to him.

But the source said border security has been tightened due to the country’s quarantine measures making the attempted escape an extremely dangerous act.

The couple had been executed while their nephew was spared due to his age.
As people hear this shocking news,they are expressing their anger at the authorities saying there is nothing wrong trying to escape from North korea especially when itvis do hard to make ends need.

Career Mission Media is still on the move to gathered more details concerning the incidence.

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