PDP’s Energy Is What I Need To Move Edo Forward- Obaseki


The Governor of Edo state in his ambition to steer Edo in the second phase making his first speech as a confirmed and authentic PDP menber claiming he want to join the power force party to move Edo state.

“I am very happy to be here. The reception I have received since I drove in here has been ecstatic,” declaring this to all supporters in the PDP Secretariat.

“The energy I see in this party is the kind of energy I require to take Edo to the level we should go to next.”

“I have automatically become the leader of this party. I am prepared to provide leadership that will lead this party to victory. “I am prepared to provide leadership that will not only put PDP into office in Edo State but as a ruling party in Edo State, we will make sure that the level of progress, growth, and participation in the political system and our people is unrivalled in this country,”

Every member of PDP in state look calm and happy this was at PDP secretariat in Benin City, the state capital.

Governor Obaseki with the aim to run his ambition making him part of the party leader he dump APC card and pick PDP membership card.

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