RevolutionNow: Protesters Withstands Teargas by Police in Lagos

CMM has earlier Reported how Buhari deployed the military officers to curb protest in Abuja.

Also, reports have been given earlier on the attempt of the NPF to discourage protest Nationwide.

some Protesters who were gathered in Ikeja were been teargassed and scared off.

Some of the protesters asked if protest is illegal in a democratic setting. Despite the police brutality, protesters are still hanging around.

Despite the presence of the police officers and teargassing, the protesters continued without the fear of brutality as have always been done.

Protest is also going on in other states as Kano, Yobe, Ogun, Kwara and other states.

The popular expression from the protesters is to seek a change in system as corruption has ravaged the country and there is no respect for human rights.

CMM is presently on ground to report more concerning the protest.



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