Police Kills “Bike Man” for not Using Face Mask

There is a great increment in cases of police brutality in Nigeria, one of which includes the murder of a 27 year old man who was shot to death by a policeman for not wearing face mask.

This incident occurred in Banana Junction in Orlu town of Imo State at 3pm as it was noted that the commercial motorcyclist was shot at close range by the policeman who was on stop and search duty at that time.

A witness stated that the commercial motorcyclist was asked why he wasn’t wearing a face mask, this led to a shuffle which led to the motorcyclist being shot.

The murder of the motorcyclist resulted in outrage as members in the community are in a frenzy, as they’re attacking policemen.

The state commissioner of police, Isaac Akinmodele stated that the outrage is understandable, as the loved one of the man has the right to be angry.

He further noted that there has been detachment of policemen to put the situation at Bay.

The commissioner has however refused to release the name of the Inspector who murdered the man who shot the motorcyclist.

However, he promised that justice would be served on the inspector who committed the crime.

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