Prophet Solomon Celebrates 20 Years Of His Calling In God’s Ministry


It was a great day on Sunday as prophet Solomon Oluwasegun, the founder of Arise and shine Gospel Prayer ministry celebrate his 20years of calling into God’s ministry

According to Adeagbo Oluwakemi, the Church Choir Secretary, who spoke to the CMM reporters, she said Prophet Solomon was so excited as members both home and abroad rejoiced with him and also made the thanksgiving a superb one despite some restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said the church Workers congratulated him for his 20-years of calling into God’s ministry.

Workers’ statement reads;

We thank you for teaching us to be who God wants us to be; to accept others as God accepts us, that Christianity is about “being” and not just “doing.”

We thank you for sharing with us your deep Biblical understanding; your life, family, time, and spiritual gifts.

Your legacy will live on in the
many lives you have touched.
God bless you sir.

Oluwakemi also said the Choristers of the Church presented a project to the Church to celebrated the thanksgiving calling of the Prophet into God’s ministry.

In prophet Solomon appreciation speech,he thanked God for being his pillar since he started his ministry and also his beautiful wife and glorious children for their support.

He advised his church and also all Christians to stand firm in the will of God and seek ye first the kingdom of God especially this end- time.

During the prayer session,he prayed for Nigeria and the government as he said it’s only the mercy of God that can stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic



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