Reno Omokri Revealed he Once Worked for El-Rufai

In recent times, a rift seems to have ensued between the two politicians; Reno Omokri and Omoyele Sowore.

This started as at the time Reno Omokri accused Omoyele Sowore if his support for Buhari in 2015.

However, Omoyele Sowore replied saying he never did so. But, Reno Omokri persisted showing video where Omoyele Sowore was seen jubilating at Buhari’s Elections in 2015.

In an attempt to counter Reno Omokri, Sowore reacted that Reno works for El-Rufai; the governor of Kaduna state.

Reno Omokri reacted to this claim saying that he did work for El-Rufai but that was when he was in same party with the latter.

In a statement we received from Reno Omokri this evening, he said;

On Omoyele Sowore’s Latest Blackmail Attempt Against Me

“In his desperation over my recent exposé about his 2015 blackmail targeted at me, Omoyele Sowore has today (Sunday, July 18, 2020) produced so called proof that I once worked with Nasir El-Rufai. “

“Omoyele Sowore did not have to provide proof. I admit it. I admitted it while I worked with former President Jonathan. It is no secret. El-Rufai and I were once close. That is why El-Rufai felt comfortable enough to send me an email in which Southern Nigerian women were referred to as “whores”. “

“The friendship ended in October 2010, when El-Rufai left the PDP to join Buhari’s CPC. I told El-Rufai I could not join him to support a man I had been fighting all my adult life. “

“Thereafter we parted ways. If you Google it, you will see photos of El-Rufai and I, that I released while working as President Jonathan’s spokesman. “

“In fact, when El-Rufai’s daughter, Yasmin, died, in February 2012, I went to visit him, despite knowing that he (El-Rufai) had leaked negative information about me to Sahara Reporters. “

“I sat on the floor with El-Rufai and I wept with him, a man I knew was spreading falsehoods against me. Thereafter, I took out a full page condolence advert on his behalf in ThisDay newspapers, with other mutual friends. “

“That is how a child of God behaves. Romans 12:21 urges us “do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Prior to that time, I spent good sums of money assisting Nasir El-Rufai, and bought him his first iPad as a gift (see attached email), as well as set up and managed his social media profiles, which I promoted with my own money (he later refunded me). “

“Such was my generosity to El-Rufai that when my late father, Justice Jean Omokri, died in 2010, El-Rufai wrote in his condolence as follows:”

“I first knew his son, Reno Omokri who displayed a loyal friendship to me. I recall writing Reno a letter saying to him that his generosity and loyalty continues to amaze me. It was when I got to know his father that I knew where those traits came from.”

“You will note the words “loyal friendship”. Even my enemies recognise my loyalty. Can anyone say that about Omoyele Sowore?”



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