SECURITY: A Case of The 3rd World – Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare


Literally, the idea of security gives an impression of tranquility and euphoria. It is a concept of safety, then maintenance of law and order. However, the theory is quite complex. Due to this complexity, many scholars view security as a contested concept. In spite of the multi dimensional perspectives to this theory, it can be narrowed down to traditional and non traditional concept of security. While the former involves the use of military or other security agencies to protect a state and it’s institutions, the latter is abstract and requires logistical approach such as action against an epidemic, poverty, climate change or natural disaster. Any form of danger against the sovereignty of a state or the standard living of a nation or group is called ‘Security Threat’. Perhaps as part of stating the obvious, it is also important to point out that since issues of security concerns can be challenging in terms of new dimensions, containment strategy or solution approach may also be innovative.    This body of work will explore the 3rd world perspectives to security; dimensions, containment and solution formula. In the subsequent paragraphs, all of these will be succinctly analysed.

The 3rd World Concept:

   Just like security, the 3rd world concept lacks a particular meaning. But it does have a bipolar representation in terms of Economic and Political description. Politically, the concept of 3rd world is used to describe the non-aligned states during the famous cold war between the Capitalist USA and the Communist USSR while the economic pole sees 3rd world countries as the countries with weak economy, and low infrastructures. In clear terms, the developing or underdeveloped states. And with the extreme state of poverty in the largest part of Africa, many consider the negro continent as a 3rd word continent. But that is not to say that there are not developing countries elsewhere. Going by the economic 3rd world perspective, some countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia are not left out. It is upon this platform of foundational theory that the ideas of the next  subtopic will be erected.

3rd Word Perspective On Security:

    As explained above, security and the opposite are not static. Reason for an upadated modality to correspond with the challenge. The need to understand the rudiments of a problem is the secret to the most appropriate solution. Therefore, the first step is to localize the security parameters of the 3rd world. One of the ways to do this is to analyze the possible options of threat to political stability, livelihood, natural law and order of the 3rd world demography, then attempt to juxtapose these with the realities in the 1st and 2nd world’s respectively. Below are the highlight of security challenges in the 3rd world; – Political Instability – Poverty – Poor Health Care System – Lack of quality Education – Poor Infrastructure – Environmental Hazard

– Political Instability

   Although, political challenge is a global concern, but political Instability is synonymous to the 3rd world. This political turmoil in terms of coups, counter coups, civil wars, electoral malpractices and. Post election violence have really exposed the people of the 3rd world to different kinds of uncertainty. For many years, it has threatened the security of the 3rd world and it still does.

– Poverty

    Another security challenge in 3rd world country is poverty. Although in Africa, there is an Afrocentric defense to this. Which is a history of African colonization for centuries that was characterized by exploitation of African resources for Western gain.  Yet, the new generation of 3rd world policy makers are infamous for incessant, poor decision making. Countries like Libya, Zimbabwe and Sudan have witnessed economic extravagance and autocracy.

– Poor Health Care System:

   Many residents of the 3rd world countries lack acces to good health care system. Reason why many of them succumb to mild illness, disease among other health challenges.

– Lack of Quality Education:

   There is a high level of illiteracy among 3rld world citizens when compared to their Western counterparts. This is due to poor school facilities,  unprofessionalism. The implication is that it puts the citizens, especially the young population in a dark state. And their ignorance easily make them vulnerable and exposed to anti state parties or group.

– Poor Infrastructure:

   This is is the major factor that discourage investors from investing in the 3rd world. Hence, many citizens are left unemployed and unproductive. The overall consequence is gross underdevelopment.

– Environmental Hazard:

    Climate change remains a global worry. But the 3rd world is more vulnerable. There is a large unhygienic culture in the 3rd word due to air and water pollution. The implication is evident on the health of the 3rd world people. And it is no doubt, one of the major security challenges. Way Forward:     In order to be more critical and professional, it is not enough to only state the obvious and conclude without an advisory remark. Therefore, if America could rise from a former British colony into the number one world power, there is hope!     If Obama could bring Martin Luther King’s dream alive by becoming the first Afro-American  President, and Africa could be freed from the chains of colonization after many centuries of frustration and sorrow, there is hope for the 3rd world.     All hands must be on deck to FasTrack the development process. Citizens must rise up to the challenge and question the authorities. Let everyone believe in the power of votes, and put the media to positive use against corrupt elements. Governance should not be seen as an ‘elite’ affairs but a collective responsibility. Couples must value family planning as an important way out of poverty, parents must equally realize that education is the only light at the end of the tunnel. While the youths must know that leadership is not just about oaths but personal principles. All in all, there is need for discipline to achieve the society that you and I desire.


   The 3rd world may be a familiar concept but it’s perspective on security matters is a special project. Security, being a complex theory itself was described above, along the pathway of popular schools of thought. Subsequently, the idea of the 3rd world was analysed. And more importantly, the 3rd world perspective on security.    This was analysed considering different factors ranging from economic, political and social perspectives.

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