Senate Orders Buhari to Sack NDDC Interim Management Committee


Chairman of the ad hoc committee, Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi, presented the report.

He said, “In conclusion, the committee noted that it is difficult to find a correlation between Niger Delta community development and cash invested in the zone.

Continued cash injection in the Niger Delta challenge issue has not worked under the various IMCs.

The committee said that the IMC should be made to refund extra budgetary expenditure of N4.923bn payment to staff and contractors in breach of the procurement process and approvals.

Monies to be refunded by the IMC include cost for overseas travel to the United Kingdom in the sum of N85.7m, scholarships grants N105.5m, union members trip to Italy N164.2m, Lassa Fever kit – N1.96bn, public communication – N1.2bn and COVID-19 relief -N1.49bn.

“It may be useful at this juncture for the government to intervene by stepping down the EIMC (Executive Interim Management Committee), thereby helping them leave the stage for a properly constituted board with specific mandate to address the pains of the Niger Delta people



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