Senator Elisha Abbo – There is no Case of Covid-19 in Nigeria

A serving senator; Elisha Abbo has announced that Coronavirus Is A Scam In Nigeria, Government Should Stop Playing Games.

He further shared his experience saying;

“I told you few months ago that COVID – 19 is largely politics and economic conduit pipe for money mongers.”

He further started that the president of the United States of America also share his belief.

“Donald Trump also believed so. Today America has withdrawn her membership of the World Health Organization (WHO). The reasons are obvious.”

He further added that the CEO of AIT had also stated same earlier after visiting an isolation center in Abuja.

“Few months ago, Chief Raymond Dokpesi came out of the COVID – 19 quarantine/treatment center and publicly said that he was treated with chloroquine.”

“Few days later, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) threatened to sanction NIgerians that came out to reveal what they were treated with.”

“Governments should not be merchants of death.”

He concluded by calling on Nigerians to share same belief and demand accountability from the government.

“Let us all stand up and demand accountability from our leaders and stop economic marauders from evil profiteering for the sake of humanity.”



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