Slimcase Is Undplomatic Over George Floyd, Tina’s Deaths Nigeria Voiced Out

Thousands of Nigeria Criticize the Artist over is comment about the racism going on.

“Fame after death…any positive blow wey I gat, blow God Let me blow am now that I am alive not after I am dead. George A sacrifice for d change in black history blacklivesmatters,” he had written in a mixture of Pidgin and English.

“We’re talking about a global pandemic here, leave the Lagos girl for Channels Television to talk about,” he had said.

His comment had opened the floodgates of criticism on social media, particularly on Twitter, where a number of Nigerians accused the singer of being “insensitive” to the plights of people being subjected to extra-judicial killings in the country.

“Apart from being insensitive, Slimcase thinks that George ‘s death is a pandemic. It is a National embarrassment to be both insensitive and dumb,” a Twitter user wrote.

Am just knowing all this racism am unaware to be candid

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