Snapchat Limits Trump’s Activity

on Wednesday the snapchat became the latest
social network moving to curb the reach of US
PRESIDENT Donald Trump, claiming the president
has been inciting “racial violence.

“We will not amplify voices who incite racial
violence and injustice by giving them free
promotion on Discover,” a statement from
Snapchat said.

The move came days after Twitter took an
unprecedented stand by hiding a Trump post it
said promoted violence, heating up the White
House war with Silicon Valley and social media.

The youth-focused social network said it would
no longer promote Trump on its Discover
platform for recommended content.
Evan Spiegel the Snapchat parent Snap chief executive l over the weekend sent a lengthy memo
to employees condemning what he saw as a
legacy of racial injustice and violence in the US.

She said snapchat will not promote accounts in the US
that are linked to peoples who incite racial
violence on or off the messaging platform.

Spiegel wrote as companies
responded to the outrage over the police killing
of a black man in Minnesota.
Snapchat is particularly popular with young
internet users, claiming that about half of the US
“Generation Z” population tapping into news
through its Discover feature.

“We will make it clear with our actions that there
is no gray area when it comes to racism,
violence, and injustice – and we will not promote
it, nor those who support it, on our platform,”
Spiegel said in the memo. Trump’s account remains on the platform, it will
just no longer be recommended viewing,
according to Snapchat.

“I am heartbroken and enraged by the treatment
of black people and people of color in America.”
The Discover feature at Snapchat is a curated
platform on which the California-based company
gets to decide what it recommends to users.

Snapchat will not promote accounts in the US that are linked to people who incite racial
violence on or off the messaging platform,
according Spiegel.

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