Trump Signs Executive Order On Police Reforms

On Tuesday President Donald Trump, signed an executive order calling on US police departments to adopt the highest professional standard to serve their communities.

The president’s action on Tuesday swiftly drew criticism from activists for systemic reform for not going far enough and for a lack of teeth.

The vast majority of law enforcement decisions are made at the state and local levels, and Trump‘s order aims only to incentivize local departments by stipulating that only departments that adopt his reforms might be eligible for discretionary grants from the Justice Department

He proposed measures such as a national database for law enforcement misconduct and restrictions on the use of chokeholds.

The president revealed in his Rose Garden remarks that he had just met with the families of nine victims of police or racially motivated killings.

Though none were in the audience as he laid out three planks of reforms according to CMM report.

The order would create federal incentives through the justice Department for local police department that seek “Independent Credentialing” to certify that law enforcement is meeting higher standard for the use of force and descalation training.

Trump specifically noted that those standards would include banning the use of chokeholds an especially controversial tactic that has led to the high profile deaths of multiple African – American men. “except if an officer’s life is at risk”

He order would also incentives local department to bring an experts in mental health, addiction and homelessness as “Co-responders” to help officers manage these complex encounters.

The executive order is aimed at guiding policy reforms after week of nation wide unrest over police killings of unarmed black Americans – though the reforms he outlined fall far short of change demanded by protesters, CMM reports.

He emphasized that the database would track only episodes in which an officer was”afforded fair process.

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