U.S Accused China of Taking Advantage of George Floyd’s Death

You are using the unrest triggered by the death of George Floyd in police custody to justify denying its own people basic human rights.

The United States on Saturday accused China for that. No lie is too obscene, as long as it serves the Party’s
lust for power, “As with dictatorships throughout history Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement, referring to the Chinese Communist Party.

“This laughable propaganda should not fool
anyone,” Pompeo added. Over the Floyd case China has repeatedly criticized the US.

Beijing has long been infuriated by criticism from
Western capitals, especially Washington, over its handling of the pro-democracy protests that shook Hong Kong last year. Across the United States there is unrest erupted over racial inequality and police brutality after the May 25 death of Floyd, an unarmed black
man, Chinese government spokespeople and
official media launched broadsides against American authorities.

On June 1 Zhao lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. seized on the anti-racism protests in
the US to accuse the US of hypocrisy, calling
racism “a chronic disease of American society.”

Washington’s response to the death of Floyd at
the hands of police was a “textbook example of
its world-famous double standards,” Zhao said. US lionize the so-called Hong Kong independence and black violence elements as heroes and activists, while calling people who protest against racism ‘rioters why that? He asked.

in recent days had shown “continuing contempt
for the truth and scorn for the law.”
In his statement on Saturday, Pompeo said
His remarks came at a low point in US-Chinese
relations, with President Donald Trump harshly
criticizing Beijing for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The CCP’s propaganda efforts — seeking to conflate the United States’ actions in the wake of the death of George Floyd with the CCP’s
denial of basic human rights and freedom — should be seen for the fraud that they are- Pompeo wrote.

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