UNILAG Lecturer Charged for Rape

Three Nigeria students have accused Suraj Olunifesi,a lecturer of University Of Lagos(UNILAG) in sexual assault in varying claims but the academic dismissed all allegations.

In the last few days social media platforms have been inundated with vivid accounts by alleged victims of sexual assault after Vera Omozuwa a student of University of Benin(UNIBEN) died from injuries she sustained after she was raped.

Two students of UNILAG and another from LASU accused Suraj who is a doctor and instructor of mass communication of groping them after a summon to his office.

However,when contacted,the accused lecturer denied all the allegations made against him.He also charged the alleged victims to come and make their claims before him.

He added that if a lecturer is a type that is very strict in class or doesn’t give marks unnecessarily and you are becoming difficult for them they try to get him out.He also said he is not excusing others who have been found in situations like that.But this could be a function of blackmail.

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